Currently, we have we have lots of frozen, organically-grown berries for sale!

We can ship you frozen berries for the following prices plus shipping costs.


We have 2 pound bags available for $15.00 a bag or 20 pound boxes for sale for $5.00 a pound 

We also sell and ship:

Aronia vinegar for $12.00 a bottle.

Aronia Jam $4.00 - 4 oz and $6.00 - 8oz

Aronia Jelly $4.00 - 4 oz and $6.00 - 8oz

Aronia Powder $15.00 8 oz jar

Hope to hear from you soon!

Here is our Aronia Jam recipe:

4 cups (1 two pound bag) crushed berries (I use a food processor)

2 and 3/4 cups water

2 tablespoons lemon juice

5 cups sugar

1 packet Sure-Jell (I use the pink package)

Cook according to Sure-Jell package 

Makes 8-10 half pint (8 oz) jars 

Here is our Aronia Jelly recipe:

3.5 cups (1 two pound bag) aronia berry juice (use a juicer or we have a cider press)

1/2 cup water

4 tablespoons lemon juice

4 cups sugar

1 packet Sure-Jell (I use the pink package)

Cook according to Sure-Jell package 

Makes 6-7 half pint (8 oz) jars 

Here is the recipe one of our customers uses every day to keep her husband's cancer in remission and to keep herself healthy. It is an adaptation of the Budwig diet. Chester River Aronia makes no claims as to the effectiveness of the diet; we are simply sharing her recipe.


1/2 cup organic low fat cottage cheese

1/4 organic flax seed oil

coconut or almond milk to thin mixture if needed

1/4 cup wild blueberries

1/8 cup organic aronia berries (or 1 tsp aronia powder)

1 tablespoon chia seed or ground flax seed or hemp seed hearts if desired

cinnamon to taste if desired


Mix the cottage cheese and flax seed oil with a hand blender until it looks like mayonnaise. Thin with 

almond or coconut milk if needed

add the berries and stir


This mixture is part of an anti-cancer diet. The sulfur in the cottage cheese makes the flax seed oil water soluble, thus facilitating the entrance or essential fatty acids into the cells. The berries provide a blast of antioxidants. 

© 2013 Chester River Aronia

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