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We were initially a small family group that wanted to make use of the family farm by growing organic aronia berries. The summer of 2013 was our first harvest. As the initial 5 siblings have dwindled and other family members have lost interest, one family took over the aronia operation. Molly and Roy Mears are now the owners/operators of Chester River Aronia.


During July and August of 2019, we harvested almost 2000 pounds of organically grown aronia berries!


The berries were late to ripen in 2020 but we had a fine harvest from August through October. We didn't pick all the berries this year since we still had some from 2019. This was due to the inability to get dry ice and not being able to go to the Farmer's Market until June due to the Corona virus.

Hopefully, things will be better in 2021.

The Farm

The farm is located about 7 miles from Chestertown in Kent County on Maryland's beautiful Eastern Shore. We are on the shore of the Chester River, hence the name Chester River Aronia, LLC.

Grown Naturally & Sustainably


We are committed to the environment:

• No use of harmful toxic chemicals

• We are certified organic by the USDA as of September 2016.

Contact Us



We can be contacted by leaving a message at 410-778-2255. Email us at

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